Are you looking to get your carpets fixed up? You have come to the right place! At Perth Carpet Repairs we specialize only in carpet flooring and always have competitive quotes!

Our Services

• Carpet Re-Stretching
• Carpet Patching
• Carpet Installing


☑ We Guarantee all carpet restretches for the life of the carpet

► Maximum Stretch
We Power Stretch all our carpets with a special leaver tool for maximum stretch, This will prevent this ever happening again!

► Don't worry about furniture
You don't have to worry about furniture, we know which way the carpets need to be stretched and can move furniture that's in the way.

► Cost Effective
Restretching your carpets will prolong the life of your carpet, saving you the expense of having new carpeting installed.

Recent Repairs


Carpet Patching is used to repair small areas of carpet that are burned, stained or similarly damaged. The damaged piece of carpet is cut out and a good piece of matching carpet is heat seamed into its place.

► You Need to supply carpet for the patch.
If leftover matching carpet isn't available, a small piece is usually taken from a closet or similar hidden location then replaced with a similar carpet.

What to expect
Due to wear on the pieces joined together eg sunlight fading or traffic areas the patch be visible until worn in.

► Rental carpet repairs
Are you planning of moving out soon? If you are patching to get your rental bond back as completed by a professional you should receive no penalties for the carpet patch.