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Carpet Repair Services

✔ Carpet Restretching
✔ Carpet Patching
✔ Carpet Laying

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We have been solving carpet problems for a lot of real estate property managers, unit managers and the general public throughout the Perth Metro area. If you are searching for “professional carpet repairs”, we are who you are looking for.

Carpets Repairs Perth, WA region

Welcome to Perth Carpet Repairs, with over 40 years in the flooring business we pride ourselves on quality work and customer satisfaction.

Our Carpet Repair Services

✔ Pet Damage
✔ Iron Burns
✔ Cigarette Burns
✔ Sun Damage
✔ Pulling Away from Tiles
✔ Pot Plant Damage
✔ Fraying Carpet
✔ Carpet Pull
✔ Split Seams
✔ Re-stretching
✔ Loose Carpet on Stairs
✔ Stain Removal

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Quality of the patch/repair

At Perth Carpet Repairs we believe in delivering the best services to our customers. In regards to patching we can assure you that it will look neat and almost invisible. Sometimes the piece that we use to do the patch may look bit different due to the difference in the wearing both pieces have undergone. Only in this case, it will be noticeable but still, after some time the patch will blend in.

If you are renting and require your bond back. Even if the patch is visible, the carpet is deemed repaired by law therefore you should not be rejected to receive your bond back.

We understand that not all the customers that are looking to get a patch done will have spare carpet. In such scenarios we recommend them to visit a local carpet store and try to get a small piece of carpet which is big enough to do the job. We can also consider using this new piece to replace carpet which is less visible than other areas and do the patch using the same old carpet.

Cost of the repairs

We are determined to deliver the best services to our customers at affordable prices. Our repairs start from $150 and can go up to $250 depending on the nature of the repair.

A good labour price does not just include the repair cost but also the time, travel, materials, equipment, training, advertisement, staff, etc. So keeping into consideration all these factors we are giving unbeatable prices to our customers.

Carpet Restretch

Carpets that come loose are caused by the carpet not been stretched enough often becoming loose and dangerous, it is time for a re-stretch using a power stretcher machine often fixed in hours and leaving the carpet looking new again but do not leave it to long as the harder the carpet backing gets the harder it is Re-Stretch

Carpet Patching

Patching is associated with damaged or worn sections of the carpet, be it, stains, burns or a tear. To patch a carpet, We cut out the damaged area and replaces that part with a new piece of carpet. Spare or leftover carpet is needed. If it’s not available, a small piece is taken from under the staircase, wardrobe or similar other hidden places.

Carpet Laying

If you need carpet installed we can do that, whether its new or second hand we have over 40 years experience in installing carpets and can complete your job. We can even come out and quote you for new carpets. Send us a message today for a free quote!